The Most Amazing Pay Per Lead Program Ever!


My Amazing Pay Per Lead Program

Hey guys, welcome and thank you for checking out the post.

I’ve exciting news for all my affiliate marketing friends and subscribers who are more than welcome to jump on board this massive opportunity to simply send traffic and reap in massive long term rewards.

My business over the past 6 years is built on recurring income and consistency.

This I want to share with you.

As of 1st August 2014 I will be closing the Download PLR Products Pay Per Lead Program & IM VIP Training Pay Per Lead Program and opening up ONE AMAZING PAY PER LEAD PROGRAM.

This you’re going to LOVE!

Over the past 3 years I’ve paid out over $38,000 to hundreds of affiliates from various Pay Per Programs and it’s been a blast.

We are now paying $0.50 to $1.50 per single optin lead from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Norway & Hong Kong.


No 1. I will no longer be paying out for Canadian leads
(Reason due to new email marketing laws in Canada. I hope everyone understands.)

No 2. I will be paying based on the performance of each affiliate traffic starting from $0.50 and as high as $1.50.
(Reason due to the difference in the quality of the leads from various affiliates. I want to reward the higher quality affiliates with a custom payout.)

No 3. There will be a minimum Payout of $25.00.
(Reason is I want to test each affiliates leads and 50 leads is enough to provide a decent result on open rates.)

When do I get paid?

Payout will now be made on the 2nd of each month. If you’re generated over 50 leads we will test your leads on the last day of each month. If you have no generated more than 50 leads they will be carried over to the next month so you will never lose any commission.
Who get’s paid what?

Open Rate for test is less than 1% – Payment cannot be issued as I know these type of leads will come from banned traffic sources like safe lists, traffic exchanges or PPC sites.

Open Rate is less than 3% – Payment will be issued for $0.50 but I would ask you nicely not to send any more traffic. I want to keep my open rates as respectable as possible.

Open Rate is 3% – 6% : $0.50 per lead – Like the majority of affiliates who like CPA, solos ads, ad swapping. These lists tend to be of lower quality than a buyers list but I’m happy to pay you each and every month for the traffic you send. These affiliates have been the backbone of my PPL programs for years.

Open Rate is 6% – 10% : $0.75 per lead – There is people screaming for higher payments and I’m more than happy to pay for those people who can send higher quality traffic. Not generally buyers leads I’ve noticed, many WSO special, thank you banners etc can generate leads of this quality.

Open Rate is 10% – 15% : $1.00 per lead – Again the higher the quality the better the payout.

Open Rate is 20% + : $1.50 per lead – I know exactly where these leads come from. Fresh buyers and banners inside membership sites promoting my optin page. I’ve worked with a handful of product creators using this method and they’s added hundred of dollars short term and thousands of dollars long term by implementing this strategy

What product will you be promoting?

Well as I said recurring income and consistency is important to any business. What’s also important is re-branding, restructuring and testing new things.

All of my products will be Internet Marketing Info Products

For example : Im VIP Training, My Marketing Results, and coming soon IM Product Launching.

I will be testing different headlines and variations of squeeze pages but the main niche and topic will always be the same. Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Traffic, Product Creation which fits into most IM lists and is covered in all my courses.

Here’s a few examples of squeeze pages you might see while getting credit for sending traffic. IM VIP Training Free, Kevin Fahey’s Newsletter and during my pre-launches I plan to use this early bird pages similar to IM Product Launching Earlybird.
This is huge advantage for affiliates as the squeeze page will be changing at least once a month.

Will I get commission on sales from my leads?


Majority of the time I plan to use the Basic IM VIP Training membership and if a subscriber decided to upgrade to the $47.00 membership you will receive 50% commission, along with 50% commission on the $79 / $179 and $14.95/ month offers. Nice recurring commission there as well.

What makes this better, in the followup emails we’ll mention our two successful membership sites which are paying out thousands in commission to affiliates every month. We will promote you direct JV Zoo affiliate link using our jump link feature.

Do it get better… YES!

We know that early bird signup pages for product launches increase sales and conversions. Any time I’ll using an early bird page for a new product you’ll receive 50% commission as well. To guarantee you some nice instant commission on launch day we’ll be mailing all the leads you’ve ever sent with your affiliate link.

Ready to rock?


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