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How To Get Traffic To Your Squeeze Pages


How To Get Traffic To Your Squeeze Pages

Getting traffic to your squeeze pages is important to building your subscriber list as well as generating sales. Recently the squeeze page has become perhaps the one most important aspect of internet marketing. It is important to entice the user to enter their email address and join your mailing list.

There are several other things you can do to increase traffic. Below are the most commonly used and how to use them to be most effective in directing traffic to your squeeze page’s.

Email Marketing

The simplest way to do email marketing is to just write up a promotional email for your product’s and send it to everyone on your mailing list. But if you don’t have a very big list and mostly everyone on it has already purchased your product’s this is not very effective.

Warrior Forum

This is the place where all the internet marketers go to share and sell their products, most of which are tools to help you increase your email lists and productivity to increase your profits on your website. There are dozens of special offers at discounted prices designed to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and opt-ins. This is a great resource to fine-tune your

PLR (Private Label Rights): Private label rights is an idea used in Internet Marketing and comes from private labeling. It’s a license where the author’s sell most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work. The license is defined by the author of the work and has no legal definition.

One of the most effective ways to increase opt-ins on your squeeze page is to offer the user something for free if they join your list. There are readily available articles and/or software that can be offered by you as an enticement. This is all usable information and software with actual value. There are many places to find PLR items to use as your enticements. Download PLR Products is an excellent source for PLR content to provide to your contacts/customers. Join

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Originally from Co. Kildare, Ireland and have been living in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca since 2004. Kevin spends his time consulting online marketers and businesses. Kevin has released over 20 top selling products since 2009 and coached hundreds of struggling marketers to success.

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ArtaGene says December 12, 2011

You have a lot of good programs and suggestions. Very helpful marketer.

Delane says December 14, 2011

This is some great insight to getting traffic.It also shows you that to get traffic you got to do some work.I guess everyone is waiting for that magic-button to traffic.But if you really want it you got to get to work.

R.C. Beckom says December 14, 2011

Great Post, very simple to understand and follow, this I will share with others needing this type of info I no it helps me,

selvaraman.R says December 14, 2011

This is For internet marketting website

Joshua Zamora says December 14, 2011

Hey Kevin! Great article and I use all of these strategies to build my list and they absolutely work. I have recently been doing quite a bit of solo ads with great success.

Robert says December 14, 2011

Great tips for (newbie(s)) marketer(s) . Thanks Kevin .

Janice says December 14, 2011

Thanks Kevin,
Really good information on your blog. I’m so glad I cheaked it out & I will be coming back. Traffic is so hard to get these days. A little or alot of information on traffic is always great…

Swapnadip Chakraborty says July 31, 2014

Hi Kevin,
Thanks for sharing such an important information with us. As a greenhorn, your tips will help to boost traffic of my blog. I am looking forward to your blog to get latest updates from you..

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