Beginner Affiliate Marketing Training

Beginner Affiliate Marketing Training


Hey guys, in today’s training video we cover beginner affiliate marketing training.

Over the years we see the biggest mistake marketers make is not planning out their promotions in time. In this training video I’ll show you the exact process, I personally use and other successful marketers use in our business to earn commission as an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake #1 – Promoting successful launches which have sold thousands of copies in the past. Keep in mind these offers have been viewed and exposed to the masses. In general it’s too late to promote many of these offers and you’ve missed out.

Our Affiliate Marketing Process

Part 1: Review Upcoming Launches

We go to and open up all offer which interest us in a new tab.

Munch Eye Affiliate Network

Inside the listing you’ll see details about the product and the sales page.

You’ll see what affiliate network the product is been sold on. You’ll see the launch date and time and also be able to add it to your calendar with one click. From here we will click on the JV Page link and continue to reviewing.

Part 2: Review JV Pages

Review the JV page studying commission, prizes, affiliate tools and vendor contact details.

The Sales Funnel


We call see in this picture that the front end product is priced between $47 and $67

The first upsell is $47 and the second upsell is $197. We can see as an affiliate if we are getting 50% commission we can earn $155.50 per customer

$67 + $47 + $197 = $311.00  50% Commission = $155.55.

As an affiliate when we can generate more than $100 per customer this is attractive.

The Prizes


By looking at the prize money we can see this is a big launch. Any launch with more $1,000 up for grabs I would consider iworthy of checking out.

The Contact Details

For me personally having access to the product creator is super important. Here’s why. Let’s say you’ve a customer who purchases and runs into issues with access. Many times the customer will contact the affiliate. If you can quickly resolve the issue, the person will be more likely to buy from you in the future.

Bonuses & Affiliate Tools


Here’s the easy part. Majority of the time you’ll find all the promotional tools you need on the JV page. Email swipes that you can tweak to your own voice and liking. Banners you can use on your blogs and in some cases demo videos. If you are looking to increase your conversions, I recommend build a bonus page and doing a demo overview of the product.

Part 3: Mark In Google Calendar.

We use Google Calendar for pretty much everything in our business. This allows us to simply open the calendar and start working on our next promotion without the need to keep returning to Munch Eye.

Tips For New Affiliates Who Cannot Get Approved On JvZoo.

This is a common issue for marketers who are just starting out, thankfully there is a few easy solutions. Keep in mind some product creators will not approve you regardless of what approach you use. As a product creator I completely understand. So let’s cover some of the reasons a product creator might not approve you.

  • Unfortunately there is some fraud on certain instant commission networks. Take an example of an affiliates who is paid instant commission and removes all money from PayPal. From there the customer will request refunds due to a stolen credit card or PayPal account. The product creator needs to refund and is left out of pocket. One strong reason why product creators prefer doing business with people they know.
  • Certain affiliates use low quality traffic sources like ad exchanges or worse. In this case the affiliate could send thousands of clicks to the sales page and in return the conversion statics for the launch would look bad and have a negative impact on the launch. Product creators work high to make sure conversions look good and they don’t want any affiliate sending hundreds of clicks without getting sales.
  • Certain affiliates use bad methods to promote products, such as copying content from the sales page to use on their blog, taking the sales video and uploading to YouTube, misinterpreting the product on their blog or emails. This again can have a bad effect on the product and creator.

Now that you understand why product creator protect their business let’s look at how you can get approved even if you have zero sales on JVzoo. Keep in mind, the goal first is get approved even if on delayed commission. Once you reach 100 sales, majority for product creators will put you on instant commission straight away.

  1. Contact the product creator on Facebook or Skype letting them know you plan to promote and request approval. You’ll find there details on the JV page.
  2. Approach them asking if they need help with anything for the launch or if they want a testimonial.
  3. Ask the product creator to do an interview. The more of a following you have, the more chances of getting a yes.
  4. If you know someone who already has a relationship with the product creator ask for a quick introduction.

All you are doing here, is reaching out to the person and letting them know you are a real person.

Bonus tip here. If you search Facebook you’ll find hundreds of JV Groups where product creators post updates about their launches. Here you can easily reach out to them, drop a comment on their post letting them know you’ve applied and start building relationships.

Our Group IM Product Launch approaching 2,500 members and free for anyone to join.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear your feedback.

Please post any comments or questions below.

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