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Your Self Hosted Autoresponder Solution

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In today’s post I want to talk about a self hosted autoresponder solution I’ve been testing for a few weeks now. The plugin is called Mail It Plugin.

So “Mail It Plugin”, what exactly is it? Everyone reading this blog I’m sure is aware of email marketing and pretty much the best and fastest way to drive traffic to any website or affiliate offer. Email marketing is the backbone of most internet marketers businesses and many smart offline companies which understand the power of sending a simple email.

Over the years I’ve personally sent over 456,250,000 email. Yes, 456 million emails and I’m not a spammer. These emails have been sent over the past 9 years of my online career and have results in millionaires in online sales. There’s a reason I’m mentioning this.

Online there is a lot of misleading and false information, some comes from inexperience and more from people just trying to make a quick buck, I’m here to break down the truth about that “Mail It Plugin” and let you decide if it’s the right choice for your business.

Full disclaimer: I am an affiliate for this product and received a review copy from Mike & Brett. Either way, I would have purchased this product as I am currently using it in my business and plan to for years to come.

In a nutshell the Mail It Plugin is a plugin you install on your blog that allows you to import email addresses and send emails directly from your blog.

Is it a fully fledged autoresponder with all the bells and whistles including tags, tracking, advances reports, segments, automation and all that cool stuff?

The answer here is no and it does not claim to be either although they do have a really cool list clean tool which allows you to remove people who are not opening your emails. The bouces feature also works perfectly and it does provide basic reports.

Here’s a list of the main features I see as a user

  • Option to import subscribers without confirmation. (unlimited)
  • Option to setup signup forms so people can join your list. (unlimited)
  • Option to have add an autoresponder series. (unlimited)
  • Basic reports showing opens, clicks, unsubs and bounces.
  • Option to copy emails in one click.
  • Option to resend email to those who did not open.
  • Option to clean and remove inactive subscribers.
  • Option to use your own server or connect with other services.


This week we're giving away an awesome free report which will show you 6 proven ways to increase your open rates and get more engagement from your subscribers and customers.

Know here’s the cool part and something worth mentioning. This plugin was designed and is pitched as a “do it yourself” emailing service, meaning you do not require anything else.

But we all know there’s a but more to that, especially if you plan on sending 456 million emails.

Let’s say you’ve a simple basic shared hosting account which is costing you $2.99 / $4.99 per month. In most cases you will only be allowed to email 30 – 100 people per hour. This is pretty good for small businesses or marketers who like to maintain a small email list.

If you plan on sending thousands of emails to your “permission based” email list you will require a better hosting solution. The costs here can vary from $25 per month – $100 per month. What you’re looking to purchase if your own dedicated server or VPS. This will allow you to have no restrictions and your own IP address.

Now here’s the important part. This plugin was not designed as a spamming tool. If that’s your goal, it will never work for you. Your IP needs to be protected. In other words, if people start marking your emails as spam, other time your deliverability will decrease.

If you maintain a clean email list and only send out emails to permission based subscribers this will work for you and save you a lot of money.

To give you an idea of the costs of a normal autoresponder

  • Aweber


  • Get Response


  • Activate Campaign


For years I’ve taught people to have more than one autoresponder for numerous reason. Here’s the main two:

  1. Autoresponder companies can shut you down at anytime, even if you have your lists backed up, you have no immediate way of mailing them which of course results in loss of earnings.
  2. Autoresponder companies have issues, like downtime where users are unable to login and send emails again. Again, your business loses money.

mailitboxOverall I’m extremely impressed with this software. This does exactly what it says with a smooth running interface, fast reports, imports and keeping in mind no restrictions.

Personally I believe this software could have sold for $97 – $497 which is the price I paid for similar solutions in the past. For just $27 (current price) It’s a steal and I highly recommend adding it to your arsenal.

So after sending 456 million emails, needless to say I wish I had Mail It Plugin since 2007.

Here’s two case studies / demo videos put together by the product creator, Brett Rutecky

So who is this for?

Pretty much everyone from my experience. If you’re an offline business owner, a personal blogger or online marketers you should be building your list.

So what now?

Well I’ve decided to giveaway a free report which outlines 6 proven ways to increase your email open rate for anyone who decides to join my notification list for Mail It.

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This week we're giving away an awesome free report which will show you 6 proven ways to increase your open rates and get more engagement from your subscribers and customers.


About the Author Kevin Fahey

Originally from Co. Kildare, Ireland and have been living in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca since 2004. Kevin spends his time consulting online marketers and businesses. Kevin has released over 20 top selling products since 2009 and coached hundreds of struggling marketers to success.

  • John says:

    Great post KEVIN. Sounds like a great tool. Keep these blog post coming. Love them

  • Carl Picot says:

    Hi Kevin

    Thanks for the honest review – do you know if this plugin does segmenting or tagging ? Or allows you to spit test emails ?

    Or does that come in a higher priced upsell ?

    Cheers Carl

  • Kevin Fahey says:

    Thanks John, That’s the plan. Cheers for the dropping by and keep your posts coming as well.

  • Kevin Fahey says:

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for dropping by. The plugin from what I see does not include a segmenting or tagging feature, nor email split tests.

    I mentioned in the post it’s not claiming to be a a “fully fledged autoresponder with all the bells and whistles including tags, tracking, advances reports, segments, automation and all that cool stuff”

    If you require that feature I would doing your marketing and storing your leads on another AR. To me this is a great backup, an easy way to mail your list if any issues with your current autoresponders. A way for product creators to update there customers if they don’t want to pay a monthly fee. It would work perfect for small businesses who don’t require lots of automation.

    I’ve currently used it for members updates where all the leads are stored in wishlist and might not be on my autoresponder. Various ways to use, just like any email service.

    Hope this helps.
    Kevin Fahey

  • Carl Picot says:

    Thanks Kevin – Yea I guess I do tend to operate in the higher functioning email services –

    – I guess I was asking as I’ve bought so many low priced IM products just to find the actual product is in the OTO and the low priced FE version is a highly limited cut down version of the higher priced upsell.

    OK I guess I’ll be your first customer then – just to reward you for the effort you’ve put in to proving a good review and bonus.

    cheers Carl

  • Kevin Fahey says:

    Thank you Carl and sorry for missing a part of your questions.

    The front end comes with all functions and the first upsell is developer license which I presume you can install on clients websites. The 2nd upsell is resale rights to the system which seem to be what Brett does with many software titles. I’ve checked out his reseller system in the past and impressed. Personally I’m happy with been an affiliate and just recommending it.

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