The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide:

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Those Who Want to Make Their First $100

What I’m about to share with you will make you far more than $100. In fact, once you start using this system, you will have a system you can scale to make more money from your affiliate marketing business.

Why choose affiliate marketing? Because it’s the simplest and fastest system to help you begin to earn an income online. The affiliate marketing strategy I am about to show you is simple, and once you’ve implemented it, it’s a rinse and repeat system.

The steps in this affiliate marketing guide are as follows:

1. Research Products

Finding the right products to market online really isn’t that hard. Although there are many niches available to choose from to make money, if you want to get started quickly and begin earning money as soon as possible, the best niches to market in are internet marketing and make money online.

The reason is that there are affiliate marketing directories like Warrior Plus and JV Zoo that allow you to earn instant commissions from your sales. It’s also easy to find a lot of popular products that are easy to sell on these sites, Because these are launch sites, new products are available on a regular basis. We personally use Munch Eye Product Launch Calendar to keep up to date with what will be released.

Although there are many niches within the internet marketing and make money online topics, it’s best to choose two or three to begin with and then choose products from these categories. Popular niches include WordPress, social media marketing and internet marketing tools or software.

2. Plan Your Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate_PromotionPlanning the perfect affiliate promotion involves choosing the product you will market and then creating a squeeze page and a bonus. The squeeze page allows you to build a list prior to marketing your offer and build a relationship with your list members. This helps you establish credibility and credibility can help to increase your sales.

The bonus page allows you to show your potential customers the value they will receive from purchasing your offer. A good bonus offer that includes products and tools that round out the initial offer will also increase your sales by making your offer more valuable. Once you have created these pages, then it’s time to create your marketing materials and create your marketing plan.

3. Generate Traffic Through Free and Paid Traffic Methodsfb_prom

Although there are many ways to market your affiliate products, the most popular places to market are social media sites. Sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest allow you to connect with buyers who are looking for what you have to offer. These sites also allow you to put your offer in front of these buyers for free.

This is only the first step in creating an effective affiliate marketing plan. You also want to write a series of emails to send to your list to market your offer. Although many affiliate programs offer email swipes and other tools you may use, it’s better to either rewrite these emails and advertising materials or write your own instead of using what is offered. This way you avoid your subscribers seeing the same offers.

If you want to get traffic faster, paid traffic methods are a way to scale up your marketing to make even more sales. Paid traffic on social media sites allow you to increase your internet marketing reach and gain new customers and subscribers.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to start a business and beginning making money quickly. IM Affiliate Funnel will teach you how to start an affiliate marketing business and scale it into a six figure income. Get your copy today to get started earning your first $100:

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